Teaching Approach

I would describe my teaching style as interactive, creative, and energetic.  To engage students, I frequently use role-plays and other active teaching interventions.  I’m always looking for new and creative ways to integrate technology in the classroom.

As educators, we must be collaborators in learning, recognizing the gifts and strengths that our students possess. I believe that teaching must be grounded in a competency based curriculum that produces measurable outcomes. Additionally, teaching should be a mutually enriching journey that is respectful, affirming, challenging and interactive. I believe that each student brings a wealth of wisdom from their lived experience. I strive to honor this unique perspective and provide a learning environment that values a student’s voice.

I aim to facilitate an atmosphere which recognizes divergent learning styles and provide opportunities to promote student success. I believe that learning is enhanced when humor and joy are infused into this discourse. Fundamentally, I approach learning as a student’s exploration of their values, beliefs and ideas. Finally, it is my intent to groom learners who are capable of clarifying concepts, critically examining issues, and creatively generating ideas. It is my ultimate goal to mentor helping professionals who are skilled advocates, practitioners and researchers for disenfranchised communities.  

Current Courses

Western Sydney University Units

  • 101664 Working with Cultural Differences
  • 400513 Social Work and Health
  • 102351 Practice Skills for Social Work

Past Courses

KU Courses Taught

  • SW 303 Human Sexuality in Everyday Life 
  • SW 601 Social Work Practice Seminar I
  • SW 612 Social Work Practice Seminar II                        
  • SW 872 Multi-Cultural Practice                         
  • SW 863 Psychopathology                                             

Washburn Courses Taught

BSW Program

  • Sexuality in Generalist Social Work Practice (SW 390)
  • Multicultural SW in Generalist Practice (SW 390EA)
  • Generalist Social Work Perspectives (SW 250)

MSW Program

  • Micro Human Behavior in the Social Environment (SW 501)
  • Clinical Social Work Practice with Families (SW 601)
  • Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis (SW 605)
  • Sexuality in Clinical SW Practice (SW585)