Breaking Taboos: The Power of Group Work for First-Generation Scholars

Turner G.W., Pelts, M. & Thompson, M. (2017)

Our group: Turner (a newly minted PhD faculty), Pelts (a doctoral candidate) and Thompson (a midprogram doctoral student), originally formed to discuss overlapping research interests. We quickly realized that the common bond that connected us was our identities as first-generation scholars (FGS). In this narrative, our stories as FGS became the backdrop of our group experience. It is here we seek to uncover the value of the social work group experience as a tool for FGS success. READ MORE

Pleasure is paramount: Adults with intellectual disabilities discuss sensuality and intimacy

Turner, G. W. & Crane, B. (2016)

The purpose of this qualitative case study research was to explore how adults with mild intellectual disabilities (ID) live out their social-sexual lives. Findings revealed the importance of both physical and emotional pleasure to five adults with ID. Research and educational efforts with this population have focused largely on reproduction and abuse prevention, emphasizing safety over the possibilities of human connectedness. READ MORE