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Client Sexuality is Social Work: A Human Rights Conversation

Wed Aug 07, 2019 Marrickville Town Hall

Dr. George Turner, Western Sydney University, leads a panel of international visiting scholars (Drs, Pillai-Friedman, Sitron and Satterly, Center on Human Sexuality Studies, Widener Univ), to explore how social workers can center client relationships, intimacy, romance, and love within a sexual health social work practice model.

Speaking at the Marrickville Town Hall to social work students and professionals, NGOs, and community members, this panel of sexual health advocates, clinicians and researchers frame sexual health and wellness as a human right, noting too many Australians experience disparities in access to basic sex education and health services.

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We are deeply appreciative to:

  • School of Social Sciences and Psychology (SSAP) – Western Sydney University for sponsoring the visiting scholars
  • Kate Hutchinson and Sydney Social Work Community for hosting a spectacular community event.
  • Family Planning NSW for curating the OUTing Disability art exhibit.
  • Our guest speakers from the OUTing Disability art exhibit.